The tale of 3 trees

This story could easily have been given 2 other titles with the first proposed title being ‘The waiting game- Growth’ and the latter being ‘Growing pains’.

But then, since the story is about 3 trees grown by my mum in our beautiful compound, I have rightly labelled it as a tale, only because there is a deeper story to the main story here.

There are numerous fruit trees my mom planted in our compound because of the large space we have, but there are only 3 pink apple trees. I have always loved eating pink apples. As a young girl, my dad bought a lot of it and I guess it was my mom and I that loved eating it, my elder sister apparently couldn’t be bothered as her diva taste buds only fancied the real green or red apples.

I do recall it was also my favourite thing to ask for whenever I fell sick. Then, as the temporary last born, I simply sulked and cried for my favourite things (Twixt chocolate, pink apples, a puppy which I eventually got and named ‘Champion’), and I always got them except they weren’t in season and so I mostly got pacified with roasted /boiled corn or peanuts instead.

Now back to 2018 and the current tale of the 3 pink apple trees in my compound. I am going to give them names, Mr Shiny A, Mr Shiny B and dull delicious.

My mom had bought the seedlings some years ago and planted them. I remember waiting and waiting for years for them to fruit. I can’t even remember the order at which they were planted but I do believe Mr Shiny A and B were planted before dull delicious.

Then one day, I saw a large deep pink pear like fruit in the kitchen one Saturday and I was so happy that the tree had started fruiting and eager to taste it that I bit my teeth into it and sucked out a very sour taste.

I was so disappointed. Bit my disappointment wasn’t over as this tree continue to deceive me.

Guys, Mr Shiny A and its brother B will start flowering.(Now, flowering means the tree producing beautiful tiny fushia pink filaments that collectively look like a bunch of flowers. Then, they drop to the floor and it gets littered with beautiful fushia pink strands.Next up, buds starts springing up and they grow into green fruits that eventually end up as pears.) bud out fruits, and give the biggest assurance that the numerous buds which are obviously growing into fruits will turn out into big juicy pink pears and I will sit so comfortably to enjoy them all. Atlas this wasn’t the case, as I always got my hopes dashed.

Then one day, dull delicious started flowering and the next thing I saw was that the tree was filled with tiny dull pink fruits growing.

The very next thing that happened was me eating the most delicious pink apples I had ever tasted.

That was how it started. Dull delicious ‘s fruits were so delicious I practically finished the whole tree.. loll my shiny a started fruiting too and I discovered that


Movie Fashion Edit: The other woman Movie starring Cameron Diaz, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

I am so excited to start this series called “Movie Fashion Edit”.

So MFE is a curation of all the lovely outfits worn in movies, music videos and any series I watch and see gorgeous clothing.

How did I come up with this idea?

I really don’t know but I was always that lady that had an eye for edgy clothing and if I spot a dress or a piece in a movie, you are sure to find me googling the deets of the outfit.

Movies I will be featuring in the coming days include;

– The devil wears Prada

– What women want

– Girls’ Trip

I also would love to do fashion edits on Nigerian movies especially ‘Isoken’ because I noticed the movie indicated they used a costume designer and there is a need to tell our stories as Nigerians.

I have always wondered why there were very few references to Nigerian Fashion designers and our fashion in General.

I believe if there are enough articles like this which showcases the beautiful clothes African designers make, more people would be moved to buy them.

I would also include edits from music videos, one of which I’m currently editing is the Jonas Brothers’ Sucker video. I can’t wait to show you the wonderful dresses and outfits they wore.

Now to my favourite movie by Cameron Diaz.

Synopsis of the movie

The other woman is a funny and interesting movie of an upwardly mobile New York lawyer Carly Whitten who is in her late 30’s.

She thinks she has finally found her true love in dashing investment banker Mark King, played by Dannish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau( Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones).

The movie opens with Carly hanging out with Mark.

This Tilda dress is by Isabel Marant

This blush spaghetti top is from Top shop while the jewelry is piece from Lana jewelry.

She then get to the office and talks to Lydia her assistant who is played by Nicki Minaj.

She later meets up with Mark in his car and tells him of a meeting with her Dad she has planned for them.

Meanwhile, Mark’s wife is shown brushing her teeth while her husband Mark gets ready for work.

She reminds him of a family friend’s meeting they have to attend.

Mark meets up with Carly and gives her an excuse saying his housekeeper called and reported a serious pumbling problem in his house. Carly gets upset and leaves.

Mark and his wife Kate King goes to see their friends. Carly goes to see her dad. Her dad advises her to not give up so easily on men, encouraging her to go to his house.

Carly is seen stepping out of a taxi wearing a sexy pumbling costume.πŸ˜›

She knocks on the door of what is assumed to be Mark’s house holding a plunger and guess who opens the door?

Kate, Mark’s wife. 😲😲😲

Of course, Carly doesn’t know yet that Mark is married. In fact, she mistakes Kate for his housekeeper and asks of Mark.😣😣🀀🀀

Kate introduces herself as his wife and immediately Carly is visibly shocked. She changes her story saying she is looking for another Mark who is very short.

Kate gently insists there is no other Mark living on their street except her husband leaving Carly flustered.

She immediately tries to leave by walking backwards, when the heel of her shoe breaks. She falls on the flower vase behind her and lands on their lawn.πŸ˜·πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

Embarrassed, she apologises profusely and heads back to the street while Kate looks on.

β˜ β˜ β˜ β˜ πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½β˜ β˜ β˜ β˜ 

Later, Carly is seen coming out of the elevator wearing this lovely jacket and skirt looking royally pissed.πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ή

Side Note: I loved this skirt so much after watching this movie in 2014 that I tried unsuccessfully to recreate it. Funny thing was I had very little pattern making skills then.

I might just try it again.

She sees a bouquet of flowers apparently sent in by Mark as an apology gift and she literally rips the flowers apart.

Lydia asks her what the matter is and she tells her Mark is married. Lydia encourages a very pissed Carly to try salvaging the relationship to which Carly insists on not going forward.

The discussions are pretty much summed up in these gifs.

In hindsight, the movie shows how single women in their late 30’s find it difficult to date.

Meanwhile, Kate is extremely confused and is seen shopping in a store.

She later goes to Carly’s office to confront her, asking her if she slept with her husband. Carly later confesses saying she never knew he was married.

What happens next is that they somehow become friends and figure out Mark is a serial cheat.

When they stalk him and follow him to a local club, they met up with Mark’s new fling who turns out to be Kate Upton and she joins their click after confessing she didn’t know he was married.

Carly eventually finds out that Mark had been stealing from his company and stuffing the money in the Bahamas. Crazy thing is the fact that the Bahamas account has Kate name and signature over all the documents.

All of the time Mark lied to Kate about going on important business trips, he would give her documents to sign lying about the content. Kate never read through because she believed in her husband.

The trio go to Bahamas and in the end, Kate has to make the ultimate decision of protecting her self and exposing her husband.

What they don’t show is Carly getting the partner involved and giving him his money while Kate gets some too.

The last scene shows Lydia, Carly’s assistant leading Mark to a conference room where the three ladies are seated .

He is extremely shocked to see all the women he has lied to in 1 room.

They finally confront him and he gets so angry. He hits his head on the glass.

What I didn’t mention was the fact that Carly met Kate’s brother and fell in love with him.

Model Kate Upton’s character also met Carly’s father and started dating him.

Summary: The movie ends with all the good things happening to the three ladies and all the bad things happening to Mark the serial cheat. And rightly so because it’s never a good idea to cheat on a woman because you will be caught.😁😁

Did you enjoy this piece?

Let me know in the comment section. If you are not one for movie spoilers, I promise not to have ‘plenty story’ in my next article.

N.B I will be doing the next movie fashion edit on another favourite movie of mine.


It has a designer’s name and an evil biblical character’s name as its title.

See you soon.


My top 10 fashion pieces.

With 3 more days to a brand new year, it’s appropriate I end this year showing you my favourite designs as seen from major fashion shows in Africa.

I culled these designs from Arise Fashion Week held in April in Lagos, Lagos Bridal Fashion Week held in May, Glitz Fashion Week held in Ghana in October, Lagos Fashion Design Week in Lagos in October,AFI Joburg show and the GTB Fashion Weekend in November

1)Toping the list is ‘Ilare’.

Its one amazing womenswear label in Nigeria run by 3 sisters.

They showcased their summer collection in April on the Arise Fashion Runway, and these two outfits are my faves.

2) House of Divas

A womenswear label in Nigeria got my heart fluttering with these 2 gorgeous Ankara delights.

3) Andrea Iyamah

I remember going through her website in September during the LFDW fashion focus talks held in Lagos where she was a speaker, and seeing these gorgeous pieces.

Little did I know they would end up chasing me up and down, displaying themselves as cute ads in every browsing tab I opened.

Thankfully I can finally rest as their stalking days are over and they are here as my third fashion favourite designs for 2018.

4) Ghanaian Designer Sama Fletcher has this beautiful piece she showcased in September at the Glitz Fashion Week in Ghana.

5) If pieces from House of Deola by Deola Sagoe aren’t included in my top fav, then I don’t know what kind of list I’m building.

Deola Sagoe, Nigeria’s foremost dressmaker showcased her collections this September at the Lagos Fashion Design Week in Lagos.

Less talk and more πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Peep the gorgeousness πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ .

😭😭😭😭 I’m not crying, I tell you.

So much fire, πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

I had to wear shades. 😎





Welcome to Part 2

Had to take a much needed break from that dose of hotness.

6) Frank Aghuno of Fruche is just one badass designer.

He quietly creates master pieces and lights up the runway with his urban and edgy designs.

I’m tired of typing.

Indulge your senses with these fiery looks from LFDW 2018.


7) Nigerian designer Lisa Folawiyo got me to choose 3 instead of 2 fav pieces from her LFDW pieces.

Here they are.

8) Bridals By Ivy showcased some beautiful cocktail dresses at the first edition of Lagos Bridal Fashion Week. Here are some pieces I liked.

9. La Art Neviole Emporium is the brainchild of Neville Masondo, a South African.

4 pieces of his clothing showcased at AFI Johannesburg this October are my favourite.

10) There are so many good things about Ituen Basi’s Joburg collection(AFI).

I mean the rope cape jacket, skirts and statement sleeves.

I just had to indulge you by putting up 6……..



(Were they that good?)

Yes they were,cos Ituen Basi always comes with edgy and modern stylelines and she always serves πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

6 hot and delicious pieces.


That’s all folks. Do have a splendid holiday.

Bye for now.

Fashion trends for 2019

It’s Christmas already and I would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful, joyous and prosperous 2019.

If you haven’t set your goals, now is the time to do so.

Among the things I intend to do apart from setting personal and business goals is to plan for new collections ahead of time.

It is said that most western designers plan 6 to 12 months ahead of fashion week. The last major fashion week for 2018 was in October (Paris Fashion Week) with New York bridals ending the 2018 fashion week last October.

Menswear designers should already have their fall/ summer 2020 collection ready as they will be starting 2019 fashion week on the 7th of January in London.

Screenshot from Fashionweekonline website.

Designer Arsenal

Dressmakers plan months ahead because they need to get supplies, production, shipping and fittings ready.. Most mass produce their clothing in Asian countries and so they need to plan fabric purchase ahead even before production. There are world fashion and textile fairs like ‘Premiere Vision’ that holds its international shows twice a year (February and September), attracting sellers and buyers of fashion supplies.

Another thing designers use in preparing for a new collection are predicted fashion trends and we will talk a little bit about this.

Fashion Week timelines

Menswear week started with a bang in this January (1st week), next was Pitti, then Milan and Paris.

The major fashion week Paris Haute couture was from January 21 to 25.

Next up was fall /spring New York fashion week, then London, Milan and Paris fashion week all in Feburary.

Summer / Spring 2019 was in September all till October in this procession, New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Color trends observed

For 2019, ‘Pantone’, the colour specialist, predicted that the most visible colors on the numerous runways would be beautiful shades of blue, pink, red, brown,green and off white hues.

Pantone 17-1564

Fiesta is a festive orange red colour that radiates energy and passion.

Pantone 19-1862

Jester Red combines urbanity with elegance.

Pantone 19 – 3810

Eclipse – I love this colour. It’s a deep blue hue of the midnight sky. It’s mysterious and serious at the same time.

Pantone 11 – 0106

Guess what this is called?

Nope, you guessed wrong.

It’s called sweet corn. How apt.

It has a soft buttery feeling.

Pantone 14 – 2828

This is called sweet lilac and it has a soft and cheerful nature. It’s a pink infused lavender hue.

Pantone 13 – 0919

Soybean: It does make me think of the muslin/toile fabric we use in fittings. Strong and reliable.

Pantone 13 – 0960 is called Mango Mojito.

Me likey!

Doesn’t it make you think of having a mangoey drink.😁

Pantone 17 – 0542 is called Terrarium Moss and it makes me think of green trees and carpet grass.

Welcome to Aspen Gold, a bright hue leaving you feeling sunny and vibrant.

Pantone 13 – 0850 is my favourite colour after Eclipse (the midnight blue).

Pantone 19 – 4150

This is called princess blue. It’s royal and majestic. I would use glimmering fabrics with a dazzle of ivory to create a collection.

Pantone 18 – 2045 is Pink Peacock. It’s an absolutely delicious colour.

Pantone 17 0542 is called pepper stem and it gives out an earthy feeling.

The last but not the least is Pantone 16 1546.

Living coral: I might use a floral print with hues of coral, blues and Jester Red to create an edgy halter neck dress or jumpsuit like this one by Nigerian Designer ‘Washington Roberts.

Imagine how edgy would it look.πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Style trends

Some style experts have predicted these trends would be popular and worn come 2019.

1) Tie and dye: Loads of designers introduced tie and dye in their collections this year and so a lot of people will rock similar styles in 2019.

Kaia Gerber


2) Clear jackets (PVC)

An absolute delight and very dressy.

Peep these delightful Fendi jackets and these edgy blue lined jacket by Nigerian Designer IDMA NOF.

South African designer Garvin Rajah didn’t come to play when he introduced these 2 edgy clear jackets on the Arise Fashion runway in April.

Gavin Rajah

3) Capes were in this season and I expect it to be contine as a astyle trend in the coming year.

This cape jumpsuit by Ziva Lagos gives me so much joy.

Ziva Lagos was founded December 2016 by Tania Omotayo.

4) Oversized sleeves.. Statement sleeves have been in vogue for a while. I’m in love with the sleeves on some Johanna Ortiz dresses.

Lisa Folawiyo


Johanna Ortiz

5) Patch work: Talented Ghanaian designer ‘Selina Beb’ has this gorgeous patchwork cape. So stunning

6) Fierce red hot/pink pieces: Nigerian designers Sisiano, Ejiro Amos Tafiri and Hephizibah Couture teamed up to deliver some hot red, pink and blush spice to the Lagos Fashion Design Runway.

Prolific Editor of Geneieve Magazine, Mrs Betty Irabor showcased the ‘Dew collection’ with fierce red hot designs created by 10 designers namely; Mai Atafo, Toju Foyeh, House of Nwocha, Style Temple, Needlepoint, House of kaya, Ejiro Tafiri, Lady Beelionaire, Rherhe, DZYN.

The collection was to create awareness for mental health as she had struggled with it for 7 years.

Dew Collection: Mai Atafo


7) Fancy flats: Johanna Ortiz had some gorgeous flats I have ever seen in her 2018 collections.

It’s a wrap guys.

Have a beautiful Christmas holiday.


Redesign Africa 2019

My dream as a dressmaker is to tell authentic African stories that exports our local culture, tradition and more importantly, our clothing and fashion to the world.

A Nigerian couple wearing the traditional ‘Tiv’ fabric called ‘Ukara’

I desire to do this by having a bit of every African culture embeded in my products, be it my dresses, accessories, homeware, basically every fashion piece I create.

Africa has some of the most beautiful fabrics and unique materials found here exclusively, and I believe we can harness our uniqueness into exportable fashion products.

As a dressmaker and creative director of my womenswear label ‘Dresses By Aloli’, my 5 year plan for my Pret-a-Porter line is to have my custom clothing and accessories made in fabrics and materials sourced in different African cities. I desire to sell authentic Pan African fashion products simply because I truly desire to curate and export our beauty to the world.

I want people including Africans to see the beauty in our local fabrics, to appreciate what we have and use what we have in growing our continent.

Woven fabrics from Ghana

Adire’, A popular Nigerian dyed cotton fabric.

Ukara’ is a Nigerian woven fabric that has unique symbols drawn on them.

To understand my why is to look through straggering negative statistics of poverty among women, malnutrition, low education among the girl child and gender inequality.

A woman weaving ‘Akwete’ fabric

I do believe we can grow our nation by looking inwards to develop what comes naturally to us.

Most low income earning women make a living mostly in the creative industry as tailors, beader, traditional weavers, dyers etc and so I believe technology can be used to redefine and revolutionise our creative industries, build modern machinery to produce our fabrics and empower our women to create profitable and scalable businesses.

Great things happen when women are empowered financially, they can break the cycle of poverty and provide for their families.

The most important effect of employment on women is the education they provide for their children.

Just like Deola Sagoe, an internationally celebrated Nigerian dressmaker, who has taken a traditional Nigerian woven fabric called ‘Aso Oke’ and transformed it into a stunning and gorgeous premium fabric used majorly for wedding. As she famously said in an interview “My inspiration flows from the desire to get people to buy Nigerian all the way… The way to the better lives we seek is to give our economy the boost it needs by making buying and selling locally created products and services. I got tired of seemingly calling always, something from somewhere else; the highest quality. I could see local things here and there that to me were the highest quality,true some need refinement, but the best results often arise when you just polish and present that which you see naturally occuring around you”.

Deoala Sagoe’s ‘Komole Kandid’ collection.

Deola Sagoe redesigned using technology the popular ‘Aso Oke; fabric and has made it so silky in beautiful laser cut motifs that give each piece of clothing an intrinsic meaning.

My vision is a desire to enroll and start a diploma or a masters in womenswear design or Fashion design. I have 2 schooling options.

The first is a 10 months Masters Program in womenwear design from Instituto Moda Burgo in Milan while the second option is a 7 months certificate course in Fashion Design at New York school of design. I have done a few short courses in Flat pattern cutting and garment construction here in Nigeria but I want to have an intensive fashion education that would equip me with 4 important skill sets which are Textile design and technology, advance pattern cutting, garment construction and digital fashion illustration.

Completing these courses at these prestigious schools will not only equip me with high quality fashion education that will help me create a sustainable business but would also enable me equip more local craftsmen with quality skills that they can use to create a sustainable source of income for themselves and also build high quality products.

My fashion label currently offers Made To Measure clothing services to clients but my goal is to start a Ready To Wear line that I can eventually add more product lines like accessories and leatherwear using African sourced materials.

My desire is to create fashion forward workwear, casuals and cocktail outfits using locally produced fabrics sourced and created by our local craftsmen and weavers.

I intend to have an Atelier that houses all the craftsmen who create our fabrics which we eventually will use in producing our clothing and accessories. Eventually as we grow, we will introduce more product lines and expand to more countries replicating ateliers there and using local materials. My overall vision is to empower Africans through employment.

The Nigerian fashion industry is booming with loads of job opportunities, so creating a textile revolution will increase the job opportunities in the industry and solve the high unemployment rate which is presently at 18%.

The resources I need to enable me achieve my dreams are mentors in business and in the fashion industry.

I would love to also win the $10,000Β Toptal scholarship to enable my dreams come to pass.